Pilot Saks

Keep that “Gunk and Funk” away from your most valuable piece of gear

What Are Pilot Saks?

PILOTSAKS are designed and built to keep your headset safe, free from dust, debris and other critters that put your headset, ears, health and wallet at risk.

Customize your SAK with two lines of 15 characters each (1/2 inch tall)
On the reverse is your choice of tail number, school, branch of service, airline code.
Up to five characters (1 inch tall)

Each bag is made of durable yet lightweight blended fabric. Double walled for strength.
SAKS measure approximately 10 1/4″  tall x 12″ wide, 8 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ inside. Easily fits your headset, log book… kneeboard… NDB approaches…Jep paper plates or anything else you rarely use.

Strong and thick 1/2″ draw strings ensure they will never wear or break.
We strive to make every one of our SAKS perfect, because we know what a diva you are.

But if for some reason you’re not satisfied email returns@pilotsaks.com and we’ll make it right.

We stand behind our product and guarantee against workmanship defects, all sales are final.

Easy online ordering, get your bag in just 3-4 weeks!

No nexus between PILOTSaks & FAA or AOPA (yet). FSDO and DPE’s love these bags though!

Pilot Sak Specs

Quickly identify your headset

Protect your headset from damage & germs when not in use

Made to hang off the control wheel / slide in the seatback pocket / drop it right into that flight bag or backpack

Guaranteed for life against workmanship and fabric defects

Just about the greatest thing since autopilot and foggles

About Us

USMC Veteran owned and operated

We looked all over the internet and just couldn’t find the right bag, so we went out and made one!

Pilot/Controller owned and run. Each bag is hand built right here in the USA.


Got Questions?

How much for one of these bad boys?

A 50 and a 20 (Out the door for $70.00)

How big is this amazing piece of aviation equipment?

10 1/4 tall and 12 wide when laid flat. Modeled off of a Bose A20 headset.

SAKS measure approximately 8 1/2 by 9 1/2 inside

Will the instructor/chief pilot quit yelling at me?

Probably not, but bribe em with a SAK

Can I get a discount if my school/pilot group/organization want to order all together?

Attention lead instructors and chief pilots! If you want to order for your group we have deals on 5 or more saks!

Absolutely – Email us at bulk@pilotsaks.com and let us know what you need.

Can I stop using the GPS for everything.

What???? Why would you ignore the Magenta Line?

What happens when I graduate/change airlines/get a new plane?
You can’t go buy a new plane, get another flying job or start instructing with your old SAK!! Don’t be cheap, buy a new one. We won’t give you a discount but we’ll give you a big slap on the back